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  • Uncovering the cis-regulatory program of early human B-cell commitment and its implications in the pathogenesis of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia Núria Planell, Xabier Martínez-de-Morentin, Daniel Mouzo, David Lara-Astiaso, Amaia Vilas-Zornoza, Patxi San Martín-Uriz, et al.
    bioRxiv 2023.07.01.547234; doi:

See below the selected publications:


  • Lasaga, M., Río, P., Vilas-Zornoza, A., Planell, N., Navarro, S., Alignani, D., Fernández-Varas, B., et al. Gene therapy restores the transcriptional program of hematopoietic stem cells in Fanconi anemia. Haematologica, 2023
  • Ainciburu, M., Ezponda, T., Berastegui, N., Alfonso-Pierola, A., Vilas-Zornoza, A., San Martin-Uriz, P., et al. Uncovering perturbations in human hematopoiesis associated with healthy aging and myeloid malignancies at single cell resolution. ELife, 2023 12, 1–28.
  • Khan, S. A., Lehmann, R., Martinez-de-Morentin, X., Maillo, A., Lagani, V., Kiani, N. A., Gomez-Cabrero, D., & Tegner, J. scAEGAN: Unification of single-cell genomics data by adversarial learning of latent space correspondences. PloS ONE, 2023 18(2), 1–17.
  • Larrayoz, M. J. M., Garcia-Barchino, M. J., Celay, J., Etxebeste, A., Jimenez, M., Perez, C., et al. Preclinical models for prediction of immunotherapy outcomes and immune evasion mechanisms in genetically heterogeneous multiple myeloma. Nature Medicine, 2023 29(3), 2023 632–645.
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  • Butcher L, Carnicero JA, Pérès K, Colpo M, Gomez Cabrero D, Dartigues J-F, et al. Higher sRAGE Levels Predict Mortality in Frail Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease. Gerontology. 2021 DOI: 10.1159/000512287


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2013 and before (selected manuscripts)

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Operations Research. Before 2010 (selected manuscripts).

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