STATegRa package: STATegRa is a Bioconductor package with classes and tools for multi-omics data integration.

The new biomedical research environment, where many data types (multi-omics) are being generated in a daily basis, opens a new world around data integration. If we are able to combine different data or regulatory layers, we’ll gain information and move to a holistic world view. However, new tools to deal with these large and heterogeneous data sets in an integrative manner are needed.

STATegRa package wants to provide a pipeline for data integration combining different tools:

  • Step 1: Identify share components between omics data types using Data Fusion Methods. Coordinated omics
  • Step 2: Combine the information of those omics coordinated through Non Parametric Combination (NPC). Gain power
  • Step 3: Explore feature associations due to different regulatory characteristics by Omics Clustering or GeneSetCluster. Association analysis

TransBio Github:

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